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MagicISO is the ultimate tool for creating / editing / managing disk image
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MagicISO is a great tool for creating / editing and managing disk images.
Now, CD / DVD images are files like archives, only that this one has infrmation about the disk, its file system, boot sector, the place where each file is present, etc. So, this is just like the copy of a disk, in a big file.

It can come in handy for many uses, like for creating exact copies of CDs and DVDs. Also, we sometimes encounter games, that come in protected DVDs, that must be inserted on to the drive every time we start the game! It can be quite annoying. So, we also have the option of creating a virtual disk (it installs just like a usual CD drive in "my computer", only that there is no actual hardware present). It does work by a driver. We may then load the image file so that its like loading the actual CD into the drive! MagicISO provides a free virtual disk, which can be downloaded and installed from its website.

MagicISO supports a format "*.UIF" which can be used to compress the CD Image files (50% compression can be achieved at maximum). But compressed images cannot be mounted directly, they must be uncompressed at first.

We can create images from any disk, but protected disks cannot always be copied.

Zack Martin
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  • Image compression
  • Support XBOX DVD File System, Apple HFS+, etc
  • Virtual Disk


  • Compressed image cannot be loaded
  • Protected disks cannot always be copied
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